In recent years the trend has been for more compact “All in 1”  Treatment Centre designs which have evolved into several variations & options of the  Over the Patient Arm (OTP)  fixed to the chair via a bracket, generally on the left hand side of the chair which then comes across the chair to the dentist's right hand side ( NB: for R Handed dentists ) 

Essentially there are 2 styles :

1.  UK Conventional hoses ( hanging down towards the floor )

2.  Contintental or Eurostyle hoses (suspended in the air, on little fishing rods)

Both these have advantages / pros & cons and pretty much most dentists tend to get used to both systems in time. Correct room / surgey designs / chair angles / cabnet layout are all essential to ensure optimal ergonomic working conditions.

Minimum entry level specs : OTP arm with delivery table complete with some height adjustment on arm, 

3in1 Syringe + 3 handpiece hoses (Non Optic) + Clean water bottle for handpiece sprays 

(These are generally ALL NEW items)


PRICE : FROM £ 2495+ VAT  (price depends on manufacturer & final specifications)

(NB: The OTP arm system is usually sold as part of a complete treatment centre, NOT as a separate item as there are other parts required to mount it onto the chair )

Optional Extras : ALL NEW ITEMS supplied, fitted & tested on preowned delivery systems

  • Power source for Fibre Optics : £ 275 +VAT
  • (Hi speed) Optic Hose : £ 85 +VAT
  • (Bien Air) Low Speed MicroMotor : From £ 2495 +VAT
  • Scaler Piezo Built in : £ 495 +VAT 1 handpiece & 3 tips / tool
  • Other Items : POA



PREOWNED : All faulty parts warranteed for 6 months exclusive of engineer's time costs
NEW: All faulty parts warranteed for 12 months inclusive of engineer's time costs
Exclusions : Misuse contrary to manufacturer's instructions, accidental damage or consumables
All preowned equipment items are strictly subject to availability at time of order placement


Price: £ 0.00 + VAT excludes Delivery & Installation

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