In recent years the trend has been for more compact “All in 1”  Treatment Centre designs, which have evolved into several variations & options of  Over the Patient Arm (OTP)  fixed to the chair via brackets, usually on the left hand side of the chair which then comes across over the chair to the dentist’s right hand side ( NB: for R Handed dentists ) 

Essentially there are 2 styles :

1.  UK Conventional hoses ( hanging down towards the floor )

2.  Contintental or Eurostyle hoses (suspended in the air, on little fishing rods)

Both these have advantages / pros & cons and pretty much most dentists tend to get used to both systems in time. Correct room / surgery designs / chair angles / cabinet layout are all essential to ensure optimal ergonomic working conditions.

Minimum entry level specs : OTP arm with delivery table complete with some height adjustment on arm, 

3in1 Syringe + 3 handpiece hoses (Non Optic) + Clean water bottle for handpiece sprays 

(These are generally ALL NEW items)


PRICE : FROM £ 3950+ VAT  (price depends on manufacturer & final specifications)

(NB: The OTP arm system is usually sold as part of a complete treatment centre, NOT as a separate item, as there are other parts required to mount it onto the chair ) However we can occasionally provide retro fit solutions to your existing chair especially if it Belmont.  Please ask ! )

Optional Extras : ALL NEW ITEMS supplied, fitted & tested on preowned delivery systems

  • Power source for Fibre Optics : £ 275 +VAT
  • (Hi speed) Optic Hose : £ 85 +VAT
  • (Bien Air) Low Speed MicroMotor : From £ 2495 +VAT
  • Scaler Piezo Built in : £ 495 +VAT 1 handpiece & 3 tips / tool
  • Other Items : POA



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