All equipment = chair mounted ; handpiece delivery unit attached to an arm assembly which is Rear Mounted Delivery (pivots on the rear floor plate of the chair) for (RH) Right Handed use ( Spitoon is fixed on Left hand side and is “VOYAGER Style” Spitoon.  Access to chair is much better in small narrow rooms with this model.

RRP : £ 7495 + VAT includes delivery & installation to services specified by the model 

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DENMONT “RMD ” (Rear Mount Instrument Delivery) Treatment Centre

An extremely simple, well engineered, robust and  reliable workhorse !

DENMONT “RMD” is a  very useful option in the DENMONT RANGE of Treatment Centres **  offered  at a very attractive price of                  £ 7495 + VAT installed to client’s services. This model is designed for small, narrow rooms where patient access is limited and there may not be enough room for a cart or side arm instrument delivery.

The RMD delivery option means it can be moved towards a 12 o clock position without the dentist or nurse  having to stand up from their respective low seated positions, to move equipment away, to enable patient access. The DENMONT range will perform long and hard, requires simple annual maintenance /service and in return it will give you many years of predictable work.

** Includes :

  • CHAIR (keypad operated programmable functions)
  • SPITOON : Chair mounted “VOYAGER style” + ceramic bowl ; spitoon body for RIGHT handed use
  • SUCTION MANIFOLD ( 2 hoses 11 & 16 mm)
  • NURSE’s KEYPAD : for chair & spitoon function controls
  • REAR OF CHAIR “VOYAGER IIL STYLE ” INSTRUMENT DELIVERY,  includes 3in1 Syringe + 3 non optic handpiece hoses for Right handed use in minutes
  • LED LIGHT : Chair mounted, with motion sensor
  • INTEGRAL floor box for services connections to Air / Water / Suction waste / Electrics /Signal for switching suction pump
  • WARRANTEE; 3 Years for chair / 12 months for the rest  (T’s & C’s & exclusions apply)
  • Optional Extras : ALL NEW ITEMS supplied, fitted & tested on preowned delivery systems
    • Power source + Optic Hose  for Fibre Optics : £ 275 +VAT
    • Extra Optic Hoses :  £ 85 +VAT
    • (Bien Air) Low Speed MicroMotor : From £ 1895 +VAT
    • Scaler Piezo Built in : £ 495 +VAT 1 handpiece & 5 tips / tool
    • Other Items : £ POA
Company VAT Number : VAT # 709527128
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