“RMD” stands for REAR MOUNT DELIVERY ~ this DENMONT Treatment Centre has a neat concept, for a tidy, less claustrophobic space saving delivery system, mounted on the rear of the chair foot plate. It swings in a well defined arc, for easy patient access / exit from the chair and also provides ergonomic working positions for Right Handed operators.

The Delivery unit has stops which prevent entrapment under a moving chair, with extra protection offered via a  limit safety switch, which cuts all chair functions in case of an accident. WORTH A CLOSER LOOK !


NEW PRICE : £ 6500 + VAT ( Price includes delivery & installation, most UK postcodes)  

A complete Treatment Centre = chair, spitoon, Nurse suction manifold, light, RMD delivery system as shown (NB : excludes handpieces)  

Warrantee; 3 Years parts, 1 year Engineer’s labour. T & C apply   

Brief specs

DENMONT CHAIR  : sleek slimline design, seamless hygienic upholstery, articulating headrest, 2 armrests. Range of colours. 2 powerful LINAK motors, foot control for silent movements, 2 Programmes +Exit position.



DENMONT SPITOON : Ceramic spitoon bowl, bowl rinse & cup filler, Nurse’s console ( chair & spitoon movements + 2 suction hoses ~ 11 & 16 mm & prefilter assembly) SIMPLE ELEGANCE !

DENMONT RMD DELIVERY UNIT : a nicely balanced arm, with an optional height adjustment, pneumatic control block, automatic handpiece controls (3 in1 Syringe + 3 outlets) individual drive air & water coolant adjustment, “UK style” hoses hanging down, reasonable size bracket table, foot control. Excludes handpieces.

NEAT DESIGN, easy to work with, plenty of room to add built in items & service in future.

LIGHT : Chair mounted Light + pole.Twin intensity handswitch, COOL LIGHT.


Integral / hidden within front cover of chair OR external / visible, with an umbilical.


DENMONT equipment has been proudly manufactured for over 20 years by a leading Taiwanese factory. Whilst there are so many players in the dental market, several hundred of whom are in China alone, our real scoop was finding one who has a winning design, a robust, really PREDICTABLE build quality, consistently high QC standards during production runs, and dynamic management, who are attuned to international client demands and are prepared to be flexible with customised orders, to fully satisfy clients and add value/ predictability to the end product.



PREOWNED : All faulty parts warranteed for 6 months exclusive of engineer’s time costs
NEW: All faulty parts warranteed for 12 months inclusive of engineer’s time costs
Exclusions : Misuse contrary to manufacturer’s instructions, accidental damage or consumables
All preowned equipment items are strictly subject to availability at time of order placement


Price: £ 6500.00 + VAT excludes Delivery & Installation

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