SPITOONS : do you or don't you ?!


Dentists fall into 2 main camps ; those that like it all on the chair.......... chair,light, spitoon Nurse's suction module & drill delivery .........

and those who are minimalists ......working with the least clutter (so no spitoons ! ) 


If you need a simple spitoon to retro fit onto your chair,  or are looking for a new fresh set up with a budget option,  DENMONT have several options that may seamlessly fit your room, chair,  suit your requirements .....and POCKET ! They are styled on the BELMONT CLESTA,the UK's most popular model. 

NEW PRICE from : £ 2495 +VAT  (excludes delivery, installation or Nurse's suction module )

NB: chair brackets extra : cost range from : £ 195 - £ 250 depends on your chair & equipment requirements

Suction manifold available ~ add £ 295 + VAT


We offer CLESTA style ceramic bowl spittoons, as per image attached.




PREOWNED : All faulty parts warranteed for 6 months exclusive of engineer's time costs
NEW: All faulty parts warranteed for 12 months inclusive of engineer's time costs
Exclusions : Misuse contrary to manufacturer's instructions, accidental damage or consumables
All preowned equipment items are strictly subject to availability at time of order placement


Price: £ 2495.00 + VAT excludes Delivery & Installation

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