CHAIR MOUNTED Delivery systems are a logical design progression from the SIDE ARM, or CART, which some dentists may find cluttered (umbilical hoses trailing on the floor..etc)   


Installation of a chair mounted system is generally neater in terms of aesthetics and functionality ; it also makes services provision (pre installation) much simpler in the room.


Once it's all reassembled and installed the chair mounted system works in exactly the same way, but it's easier & simpler to manoueover, in a predefined arc movement around the chair. Limit / safety switches minimise the risk of accidental damage to any equipment due to entrapment, during chair movements.   


Minimum entry level specs : 3in1 Syringe + 3 handpiece hoses (Non Optic) + Clean water bottle for handpiece sprays (These are ALL NEW items supplied on a preowned delivery system which is supplied fully refurbished)



PREOWNED PRICE : FROM £ 1995+ ( & 20% VAT; price depends on manufacturer & final specs)


Optional Extras : ALL NEW ITEMS supplied, fitted & tested on preowned delivery systems


Brackets + arm assembly for delivery system + all covers  £ 695 +VAT  

Power source for Fibre Optics : £ 375 +VAT

(Hi speed) Optic Hose : £ 85 +VAT

(Bien Air) Low Speed MicroMotor : From £ 1495 +VAT

Scaler Piezo Built in : £ 495 +VAT 1 handpiece & 3 tips / tool

Other Items : POA




PREOWNED : All faulty parts warranteed for 6 months exclusive of engineer's time costs
NEW: All faulty parts warranteed for 12 months inclusive of engineer's time costs
Exclusions : Misuse contrary to manufacturer's instructions, accidental damage or consumables
All preowned equipment items are strictly subject to availability at time of order placement


Price: £ 1995.00 + VAT excludes Delivery & Installation

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