Drill delivery systems are available in 4 main styles : 


1. Side arm delivery ~ with multiple folding arms,with horizontal swivel, fixed to a wall or within cabinetry  "garage", under the worktop on dentist's side.


2. Mobile cart based delivery ~ on castor bases with an umbilical connecting air / electrics to a floor box.


3. Over the patient arm,  fixed to the chair via a bracket on the Spitoon side. Options: UK or Eurostyle hoses.


4. Chair mounted, usually on the (rear) floor plate : this functions like a side arm or cart but is neater & less cluttered (without the umbilical hose which is a trip hazard / prone to being trampled)      


Brief specifications  

Entry Level  Specs : 3in1 Syringe,3 handpiece hoses (non optic) + Clean water bottle kit (All NEW)



PRICES  : from £ 995 +VAT      (for preowned entry level drill delivery systems, supplied fully refurbished, with NEW items as detailed above, serviced  & tested)  


(PRICE RANGE   : £995 - 1495 + VAT ~ depending on the specs, style & manufacturer)


Optional extras : individually priced NEW items  (preinstalled & tested)  


* Fibre Optic Source @ £ 295 +VAT

* Optic Hoses @ £ 79 +VAT 

* Scalers PIEZO ( EMS style) From £ 395 +VAT

* Micromotor Kits :  BIEN AIR from £ 2495 +VAT

* OTHER items : POA



PREOWNED : All faulty parts warranteed for 6 months exclusive of engineer's time costs
NEW: All faulty parts warranteed for 12 months inclusive of engineer's time costs
Exclusions : Misuse contrary to manufacturer's instructions, accidental damage or consumables
All preowned equipment items are strictly subject to availability at time of order placement


Price: £ 995.00 + VAT excludes Delivery & Installation

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